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MY Bedroom Yoga™ :
A Sunrise & Sunset Yoga Book

Learning to move your body properly is an essential skill to have.  A period of prolonged stress can manifest itself into dis-ease of the body; such as high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

To overcome the dis-ease of the body, forms of yoga poses (asanas) are needed to disperse severe stress of the body, mind, and soul. Through yoga you will achieve a healthier well-being and a balance of vitality. 

Indulging in this krystal healing experience you will create the comfort back into your body; positive thoughts back into your mind; and motivation, confidence, and faith back into your spirit. 

This MY Bedroom Yoga™ Book is universal and can be used by anyone from beginner to advance.  Take a breath, move, and enjoy.

ISBN# 978-1543920031


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