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Orthopedic Fitness

An orthopedic fitness that offers individualized functional training designed to help the improvement on the speed of recovery and help with rapid return to normal daily activities, work and sports. It is essential to focus on muscular and joint flexibility and strength while educating on how to avoid overuse physical training. Whether preparing for an upcoming orthopedic surgery, recovering from orthopedic injuries or surgery, completing a physical therapy program, or managing a reoccurring orthopedic injury; this orthopedic fitness program is designed to suit the healing needs and encourage the continued path to health and wellness.

Sports-Specific Fitness
A sports-specific fitness that offers elite physical training designed specifically for maximum performance enhancements. It is essential for any and all athletes to learn how to manage their individual specific training needs and the demands of the sport(s) they participate in. This sports-specific fitness is designed to strengthen and condition the athlete using science-based fitness approaches which include power, agility, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance required for the sport(s) performed. In addition, preventing sports related injuries by focusing on detailed body mechanics to maximize on the athlete's natural potential. Highly recommended for beginners to World-Class Olympic athletes.

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